High Bikini Hot Waxing - £16.00

Hair is removed from just inside the natural underwear line with hot wax

Brazilian Hot Waxing - £28.00

The landing strip! A small strip of hair about an inch wide is left

Hollywood Hot Wax - £28.00

Go bare! Hot wax is used to remove all hair from the bikini area

Full Leg Waxing - £25.00

Hair is removed from the follicles leaving the skin smooth for up to 4-6 weeks

Half Leg Waxing - £15.00

Hair is removed to just above the knee leaving skin smooth for weeks

Eyebrow Waxing - £7.00

Consult with your therapist on a suitable eyebrow shape to enhance your facial features

Lip Waxing - £5.50

Gets rid of dark and fair unwanted hair from the top lip

Chin Waxing - £7.00

Removes unwanted hair from the chin to leave the skin smoother

Lip and Chin Waxing - £11.00

Removal of embarrassing facial hair from the lip and chin area

Underarm Waxing - £10.00

The underarms are left free from hair avoiding the tell tale shadow of shaving

Full Arm Waxing - £14.00

Leaves arms smooth and free of hairs

Hot Waxing for ladies

All of the basic hot waxing treatments along with a selection of specialist hot waxing treatments are available.

We use a combination of roller system, hot and strip wax these leave your skin cashmere soft and deliciously scented, so let our therapist introduce you to a first class hair removal using a more pain free and pleasant experience.


Benefits of salon waxing

  • Will help keep the skin looking naturally smooth
  • Eliminates stubble growth
  • Waxing lasts 4-6 weeks in comparison to shaving which can last just a day or two
  • Hairs become sparse over time
  • Hairs become finer and weaker
  • Slows down hair growth

Spray Tanning

Special Offers

1 Session £18.00 2 Sessions £30.00

California Spray Tan

Founded in Los Angeles, California 1987, California Tan is the World's Top selling UV lotions brand. California Tan has embraced state-of-the-art pioneering patented Spray Tanning technologies to create the ultimate Spray Tan applications as used by Penelope Cruz, Paris Hilton and Gisele Bundchen. Special Offer of one session for £18.00 Or two for £30.00 A beautiful sunless tan applied by a therapist in under 5 minutes, with depths of colours to suit all skin types. No stickiness and a Pleasant Fragrance

Vani-T Premium Sunless Experience

Velocity £26.00

(shower 1 hour light tan, 2 hours med tan and 3-4 hours dark tan) Wash and wear in a little as a 1 hour. Supersonic speed tan

Utilising the world's finest natural and certified organic ingredients, vitamins, botanical actives and luscious natural oils. Requested by A-list celebrities, beauty editors and TV shows around the word for its famous just-off-the–beach glow, Vani-T  offers the most believable, long lasting tans imaginable. All Vani-T tanning solutions deliver the following flawless results:
  • Authentic cocoa brown colour
  • No orange tones
  • Long lasting tans that fade evenly (proven to fade 80% better than other brands)
  • Intensely hydrating and anti-aging.